Monday, June 8, 2009

debut of the Lovegrove Alley Beneficent Society, 7/25/09

The idea is to take something we already like to do (set up a grill on the curb, prepare a tasty meal, and spend the evening sitting in the alley eating and talking and listening to music) and open it up to more people for the benefit of artists both near and far.

In this public version, then, we'll make a ton more food, we'll charge a nominal fee, everyone will get to eat and drink and hang out, and a lucky artist selected by L.A.B.S. will receive the proceeds as a mini-grant. It's good for everyone!

We believe in history, the sharing of good ideas, and speading good ideas by making them your own. In that vein, we note that this idea bears some relation to the work of these good folks in Chicago:

L.A.B.S. will be super tasty, cheap, low-key, and fun. The proceeds will make an artist very happy. Eventually there may be entertainment - a movie projected onto the wall of a neighboring building, or live performance, or interactive jump-roping lessons, or tricks with old sparklers. It's too good to last. Stay tuned for news of our first meal, currently planned for Saturday, July 25th.

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