Monday, October 18, 2010

We have performed, we have pigged, we have paraded

Highlights of Saturday's festivities? The pig, the performances at Theatre Project (Diane Edgecomb's solo work "Restraints," and Jolka's duo "Passages"), the parade of the pig (see clip below, narrated by Tom Megan, rocket scientist from Boston), seeing faces oft-hoped-for, meeting dozens of new faces, and well of course the EATING...not just pig, but corn bread and green beans and baked beans, oh my!

Friday, October 15, 2010

So many Saturday options...Jacob's Ladder, anyone?

You already know that the Saturday alley-menu includes oven-building, fire-stoking, ale-imbibing, nail-pulling (from that 19th-century heart pine), theater-watching (8pm, "Restraints" and then "Passages,", pig-parading, pork-eating, and music-making (there's rumor of an accordion and its master coming on the bus down from NYC)...

...but wait! There's more! Children's game enthusiast/jump-rope professional/mischief-maker Karl Marxxx will host a large-scale Jacob's Ladder recreation in the alley, where people (that's you, the Pig Roasters) will act as the "fingers" in both simple and elaborate oversized string-game creations. No preparation necessary, but if you want to prepare, see if you can relearn Jacobs Ladder. Karl will get us going around 6pm: "See y'all li'l piggies Saturday!"

Monday, October 11, 2010

Alley Pig Roast, 3rd Edition: now with live theater option!

We didn't widely advertise our first pig-roast, back in March, since it was a trial-run: what happens when, at midnight in the middle of a Baltimore alley, you build a cinderblock oven, lay a locally-welded frame on it, add an 83-lb pig, and stoke the fires for five hours?

The answer: a whole lotta tasty pork.

So we did it again over Memorial Day weekend, in daylight this time, including a parade and 50+ people to help us eat that pig (96lbs). We still had a bunch left over.

Now the summer heat has passed.

Time for Round #3.

Saturday, October 16th
1211 Lovegrove St

4pm: Build the oven
4:30pm: Start the fire
5pm: Pig goes on the fire
5pm onwards: Sit around enjoying libations, watching the fire, and pulling nails out of 100-year-old heart pine, rescued from a neighboring row house (bring your own hammer/crowbar or borrow ours)
8-10pm (optional but heartily encouraged): walk two blocks to Theatre Project, 45 W. Preston St, and watch two acts of amazing international physical theater
(details, see and
10:15pm: Pig comes off the fire! Parade around the neighborhood! Toast the mighty trio of artists performing this week at Theatre Project! Eat pig, be merry! Boston-based composer/musician/wit-extraordinaire Tom Megan will also be in attendance, so bring your music-makers and be ready for anything.