Friday, October 15, 2010

So many Saturday options...Jacob's Ladder, anyone?

You already know that the Saturday alley-menu includes oven-building, fire-stoking, ale-imbibing, nail-pulling (from that 19th-century heart pine), theater-watching (8pm, "Restraints" and then "Passages,", pig-parading, pork-eating, and music-making (there's rumor of an accordion and its master coming on the bus down from NYC)...

...but wait! There's more! Children's game enthusiast/jump-rope professional/mischief-maker Karl Marxxx will host a large-scale Jacob's Ladder recreation in the alley, where people (that's you, the Pig Roasters) will act as the "fingers" in both simple and elaborate oversized string-game creations. No preparation necessary, but if you want to prepare, see if you can relearn Jacobs Ladder. Karl will get us going around 6pm: "See y'all li'l piggies Saturday!"

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