Monday, October 11, 2010

Alley Pig Roast, 3rd Edition: now with live theater option!

We didn't widely advertise our first pig-roast, back in March, since it was a trial-run: what happens when, at midnight in the middle of a Baltimore alley, you build a cinderblock oven, lay a locally-welded frame on it, add an 83-lb pig, and stoke the fires for five hours?

The answer: a whole lotta tasty pork.

So we did it again over Memorial Day weekend, in daylight this time, including a parade and 50+ people to help us eat that pig (96lbs). We still had a bunch left over.

Now the summer heat has passed.

Time for Round #3.

Saturday, October 16th
1211 Lovegrove St

4pm: Build the oven
4:30pm: Start the fire
5pm: Pig goes on the fire
5pm onwards: Sit around enjoying libations, watching the fire, and pulling nails out of 100-year-old heart pine, rescued from a neighboring row house (bring your own hammer/crowbar or borrow ours)
8-10pm (optional but heartily encouraged): walk two blocks to Theatre Project, 45 W. Preston St, and watch two acts of amazing international physical theater
(details, see and
10:15pm: Pig comes off the fire! Parade around the neighborhood! Toast the mighty trio of artists performing this week at Theatre Project! Eat pig, be merry! Boston-based composer/musician/wit-extraordinaire Tom Megan will also be in attendance, so bring your music-makers and be ready for anything.

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